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Student Mentor (Part-Time)


Salary: £12k       Hours: 30 per week (It is expected that other duties will require additional attendance, which can then be offset using TOIL)

Permanent – Wandsworth or Wigan (some travel between sites will be required)

A dynamic and committed Student Mentor is required to take up post from June 1st 2016. This is a highly responsible role within the school ensuring our student care & support services are excellent and our social media is responsive. Reporting to the Assistant Principal, you will have the drive and commitment to help ensure the student experience is of the highest quality.

You will have previous experience of a Drama school environment, have a relevant qualification and be IT literate particularly in the field of social media. A basic counselling qualification or commitment to study for one is essential. This role will involve you travelling between sites (Wandsworth and Wigan) to attend meetings and therefore you must have the motivation for independent work.




Please apply using the application form available on our website (PDF or Word doc) or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a form will be emailed to you. Applications without a completed form will not be considered. You may include a CV.


The interviews will be held in April.


This is a permanent, part-time post. The terms and conditions of service will be those currently in operation.


The closing date and time for receipt of applications is 1st April 2016


Job Title: Student Mentor Reports to: Assistant Principal
Locations:London/Wigan Direct Reports: None
Key Responsibilities
  • To play a key role in promoting the school and supporting students – proactively building relationships with stakeholders to provide support and development opportunities to students.
  • To assist the Registrar in delivering an efficient, warm and welcoming admissions service, ensuring a professional service for students, staff, feeder schools and Colleges and the wider public
  • To assist the Registrar in co-ordinating arrangements for auditions, ensuring students have a positive impression of the school throughout the process.
  • To assist the Registrar with the process of making offers and to initiate appropriate follow up responses.
  • To oversee the relevant documentation sent to new pupils and to prepare induction materials as required.
  • To attend Operations, Academic Board and other meetings as required.
  • To ensure ALRA social responses are fast and appropriate.
  • To represent the school at a range of external events to help build relationships. These may be during the evening/ at weekends.
  • Occasional travel between sites.
  • Other duties as may reasonably be required from time to time.

The successful candidate will have the following key skills and attributes:

  • A commitment to developing the highest standards within the care services offered.
  • Ability to formulate and express an independent view whilst working collaboratively as part of a team.
  • Calmness and efficiency and the ability to work under pressure.
  • Optimism and capability to inspire confidence in colleagues, pupils and parents, and to be an effective public speaker.
  • Excellent communication skills, oral, written and in the use of IT.
  • Ability to form good relationships with colleagues, students and the wider community.
  • Outstanding organisational and administrative skills.
  • Outstanding problem solving skills and a capacity for hard work.
  • Awareness of the nature of the School and willingness to commit to its all-round ethos.
  • A commitment to on-going personal and professional development where necessary.


1. EDUCATION/ QUALIFICATIONS   Weighting  Where will this be identified? Tick boxes
 App Form  During Selection
 Professional Qualification 4  
 Assessor Award or Examination experience n/a  
 Verifiers Award or Examination experience n/a  
 English and Maths A Level or equivalent 4  
2.SKILLS KNOWLEDGE EXPERIENCE  Experience of Department leadership 1
 Report Writing 2
 IT literate, spreadsheet access and word processing skills 4  
 Excellent planning and administration skills 4
 Experience of monitoring targets and action planning 4  
 Working in a customer focused environment 4
 Knowledge of industry/education trends 1
 Working within FE/HE sector 1  
 Extensive knowledge of the Film, Theatre, TV & Radio industries 3  
3. COMPETENCIES  Student Care  -
 Communicating  -
 Working with Others  -
 Planning and Organising  -
 Problem Solving  -
 Valuing Diversity  -
 Managing  -


This form will be used to assess a candidate’s suitability for the post. The specifications listed in boxes 1 and 2 must be given a weighting in importance for the role as per the following guidelines:
1 = Desirable but not essential to the role
2 = Desirable but will only be relevant on occasions
3 = Essential – must have currently or has the potential to undertake development
4 = Critical - A significant requirement.

The Competencies

Listed below are the competencies – these are the abilities based on behaviour that ALRA expects all employees to possess to a high standard. They demonstrate how a person does their job. They are not used in isolation from skills or experience but as an aid to judge the potential of applicants to contribute positively to our performance.

The specification below lists those competencies that are key to the role for which you are applying. When you are completing the section on ‘further information’ it would be helpful if you give examples of when you have demonstrated one or more of these ‘key’ competencies.

Student Care
Definition: Identifying the needs of internal and external customers and works to exceed the customers’ expectations by delivering a high standard of serve or solution.

Definition: Imparting or exchange of information, ideas and feelings using appropriate methods. Anticipating and making provision for the communication needs of others.

Working with Others
Definition: Being able to work in a team environment, employing a keen and professional attitude and showing respect for others.

Planning and Organising
Definition: Establishing an appropriate course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a goal. Acquiring and using the necessary resources (e.g. materials, people, location, time) to reflect priority, number and complexity of activities undertaken.

Problem Solving
Definition: Identifying a potential problem, propose solutions that best fit the school and customer needs.

Valuing Diversity
Definition: Responds sensitively to cultural differences within the team and wider working environment, remains flexible and open minded to others views and experiences.

Managing (Time, Resources, People as appropriate)
Definition: The ability to manage time, resources and/or people to create the right climate in which school and personal objectives are reached.

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