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Term 1

The focus is on engaging in the core principles of actor movement training by taking part in movement classes at ALRA North. Learners will receive one to one somatic work developing their own creative movement practice which continues throughout the three terms. The reflective journal will be developed as a tool for considering the conceptual frameworks for creating projects alongside this work. Planning will begin for the major second term placement.

Term 2

Here we explore the applied concepts of movement direction undertaking a residential with a leading movement director discovering and embedding their practice.The term is then divided by the major project placement and ongoing training at ALRA. Within term 2 a mentor will assist in developing an independent project to be carried out the following term in a bespoke setting.

Term 3

This is a flexible term offering two to three course days. Continued actor movement training at ALRA and supporting a professional movement director on a studio production. Learners will undertake a second placement developing skills in planning, evaluating and delivering movement as a supportive and/or core art form. The mentored independent project will also take place this term should learners be able to allocate three days to their schedule.

Term 4

Is an independent research based term developing an independent presentation aligning the experiential learning within the course to an actor movement practitioner through both practical and academic reflection. This may take the form of a lesson demonstration with commentary, projected instillation, conference report etc. Within this term master classes will also occur which will be based on fundraising as an independent artist.

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