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ALRA is committed to assisting students wishing to apply for funding from charitable organisations.

Students are nominated by ALRA for bursaries from the following:

Students are nominated in their second year of study. 

Charitable Foundations

The information given below is specifically about charitable funding, which some students may be able to access.

A word of caution: A number of charities and funding organisations will consider acting students and those taking allied courses for awards, but the majority that do tend to focus on undergraduates. It’s worth applying to those funds which you believe you are eligible for, but be prepared for disappointment. BUT IT IS ALWAYS WORTH TRYING! Funds are usually very limited and competition for help is fierce, so it’s important to submit your application early and include as much information about yourself, your course and your future plans as possible, accompanied by letters of support from ex-teachers, employers and lecturers. It is important that you approach funders whose priorities and concerns match your situation.  

If you require a reference from the Registrar please ensure you hand in all relevant documentation to the office well in advance of the deadline. If you would like the Registrar or Development Officer to look over your application please allow two clear weeks.

It is important to prepare funding applications carefully. In applying to charities and trusts try to be specific - seek advice on writing applications. Consider approaching local businesses or trusts that may support training in the arts.  Try approaching individuals in the profession but remember that well known actors and directors receive hundreds of requests from students every year – what makes your application different?

Enclose SAE - The cost of a stamp could make all the difference!

There are also other routes to gaining funding such as, asking local companies for prizes for a raffle to raise money, and perhaps in return you could offer to put their logo on your tickets. It’s a good idea when approaching individuals like celebrities or even family members, or companies to think about something you could offer in return, although this doesn’t need to be financial; for example, you could offer them ‘fast-track’ tickets to a show you’re in or send out a quarterly newsletter letting them know about your progress.

It can be a good idea to make a leaflet promoting yourself. A good example of this can be seen by visiting the "Advice" section of this website:

and then scrolling down to "Fundraising".


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