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Illuminate Fest 2016

From 2nd - 28th May, New Wimbledon Studio welcomes the return of Illuminate Festival, a platform showcasing work from the finest up and coming artists, everything from puppetry to folk music, comedy to spoken word and beyond.

Illuminate gives audiences and artists the opportunity to explore something new. Affordable, friendly and fearless theatre for all ages. A festival that has something for everyone.

Created by Co-Artistic Directors' Alice Sillett (ALRA Graduate) and Sarah Dullaghan, Illuminate invites emerging artists and established companies to transform the space and experiment with new material; developing their work in an encouraging environment.

Illuminate aims to raise the profile of both its emerging talent and versatile studio space by supporting affordability and accessibility for everyone.

With tickets at just £10 and a SEE-IT-AGAIN offer there really is something for everyone.

Book tickets on the Illuminate Festival Official Site

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ALRA's Notable Alumni
  • Amrita Acharia
    Amrita Acharia
  • Sarah Parish
    Sarah Parish
  • Amy Walsh
    Amy Walsh
  • Denise Gough
    Denise Gough
  • Vincent Regan
    Vincent Regan
  • Dominic Burgess
    Dominic Burgess
  • Bronwyn James
    Bronwyn James
  • Bridget Christie
    Bridget Christie
  • Miranda Hart
    Miranda Hart
  • Jack Ashton
    Jack Ashton
  • Emmanuel Imani
    Emmanuel Imani
  • Tanya Franks
    Tanya Franks
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