ALRA South Hires

If you are considering hiring space at ALRA, please note that availability is extremely limited due to our timetable, and will usually only be available during the school holidays. ALRA graduates in their first year after graduation are offered free use of any space for group or solo rehearsals, subject to availability. Due to the conditions of our lease, ALRA spaces may only be hired out for educational or drama-based activities. As well as studios, our TV and radio facilities are also available for private hire. These hires must be accompanied by an ALRA Technician. Performances may require additional Front of House staff for health and safety purposes and these will be charged at cost.
ALRA is fully committed to the local community, economy and people in the immediate locality of both campuses, and local groups regularly use the site for community activities. If you have any other ideas on how ALRA can contribute and participate locally, please get in touch.

Take a look at the gallery below for photos of our spaces. For hire rates, full details of dimensions and specifications, any other information or to book, click the button below to contact us.

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