ALRA North BA (Hons) Acting 2022

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Vicky Absolon
Vicky Absolon (she/her)
Paula Arguimbau (she/her)
Ailsa Bennett 3 Year Acting ALRA North 2022
Ailsa Bennett (she/her)
Imam Borono 3YN22
Iman Borono (he/him)
Charli Ray Bowker
Charli Ray Bowker (she/her)
Holly Burns
Holly Burns (she/her)
George Burrows
George Burrows (he/him)
Jenny Bushell
Jenny Bushell (she/her)
Zoe Camplin
Zoë-Alexandra Camplin (she/her)
Lewis Eades
Lewis Eades (he/him)
Leah Eddleston
Leah Eddleston (she/her)
Che Eviénè
Che Eviénè (she/her)
Toby George-Waters
Toby George-Waters (he/him)
katherine gilroy
Katherine Gilroy (she/her)
Ellie-May Gunn
Ellie-May Gunn (she/her)
katy kellerman
Katy Kellerman (she/her)
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly (he/him)
Oliver knowles
Oliver Knowles (he/him)
Jude Leath
Jude Leath (they/them)
Brandon Mullins
Brandon Mullins (he/him)
Malini Murphy
Malini Murphy (she/her)
Charles Mutsaars
Charles Mutsaars (he/him)
Dot Newton
Dot Newton (she/her)
Imogen Ogden
Imogen Ogden (she/her)
Sophie Parish
Sophie Parish (she/her)
Charlotte Penny
Charlotte Penny (she/her)
Hannah Russell
Hannah Russell (she/her)
Kasey Thompson
Kasey Thompson (she/her)
Skai Townsend
Skai Townsend (she/her)
Jordan Walters
Jordan Walters (he/him)
Aidan West
Aidan West (he/him)
Liam Wheeler
Liam Wheeler (he/him)
Emily Whitehead
Emily Whitehead (she/her)

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