ALRA North MA Professional Acting 2021

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saffy andrews
Saffy Andrews (she/her)
Self Tape
hannah bainbridge
Hannah Bainbridge (she/her)
Self Tape
Judith Marie-Ange Edmorin
Judith Marie-Ange Edmorin (she/her)
Self Tape
Tabby Detroit
Tabitha Detroit (she/her)
Self Tape
Naomi Halliday
Naomi Halliday (she/her)
Self Tape
Megan O'Brien
Megan O’Brien (she/her)
Self Tape
danny o'connell
Danny O’Connell (he/him)
Self Tape
joseph Peden
Joe Peden (he/him)
Self Tape
Harry Redman
Harry Redman (he/him)
Self Tape
gillian thompson
Gillian Thompson (she/her)
Self Tape
david virgo
David Virgo (he/him)
Self Tape
Ashleigh Wilder
Ashleigh Wilder (they/them)

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