ALRA South BA (Hons) Acting 2022

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Eleanor Baldwin
Eleanor Baldwin (she/her)
Sandra Belarbi 3YS22
Sandra Belarbi (she/her)
Levi Bent 3YS22
Levi Bent (he/him)
Simran Bhandari
Simran Bhandari (she/her)
Rhys Cannon
Rhys Cannon (he/him)
Connor Charlesworth
Connor Charlesworth (he/him)
Saffron Dey
Saffron Dey (she/her)
Felix Edwards 3YS22
Felix Edwards (he/him)
Gus Flind-Henry
Gus Flind-Henry (he/him)
Riad Gadelrab
Riad Gadelrab (he/him)
Honor Gillies
Honor Gillies (she/her)
Robert Grant
Robert Grant (he/him)
Lizzie Green
Lizzie Green (she/they)
Roman Hayeck-Green
Roman Hayeck-Green (he/him)
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez (he/him)
Chris Knight
Chris Knight (he/him)
Eve Lamb
Eve Lamb (she/them)
Marlyn Mabukela
Marlyn Mabukela (she/her)
George Malcher
George Malcher (he/him)
James Markey
James Markey (he/him)
Megan Marszal
Megan Marszal (she/her)
Olivia McAteer
Olivia McAteer (she/her)
Molly Mullins
Molly Mullins (she/her)
anaya nicole
Anaya Nicole (she/her)
Ike Nwachukwu
Ike Nwachukwu (he/him)
Lily Ormerod
Lily Elöise Ormerod (she/her)
Eleanor Philpot
Eleanor Philpot (she/her)
Inigo Robertson
Inigo Robertson (he/him)
charlotte sheehan
Charlotte Sheehan (she/her)
akaash shemar
Akaash Shemar (he/him)
Milly Sullivan
Milly Sullivan (she/her)
Rachel Sweeney
Rachel Sweeney (she/her)
Jake Willis
Jake Willis (he/him)
sophie wolff alra
Sophie Wolff (she/her)
Jordan Chim Woodhouse
Jordan Chim Woodhouse (he/him)

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