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Timetables for each course are distributed during induction week and then at the start of each subsequent term. Please note that although we make every effort to supply the full timetable, some changes are inevitable due to reasons beyond our control. All aspects of the timetable are compulsory.


      • Acting Studies - Introduction to Acting, Acting Technique, Audition Preparation, Devising,
      • Voice Studies - Introduction to Vocal Awareness, Technical Foundation, Technical Foundation and its Application
      • Movement Studies - Introduction to Movement, Movement Fundamentals, Movement Analysis, Movement Expression.


      • Term 1 introduces the basic concepts of acting, voice and movement.
      • Term 2 enhances imagination, bravery and creativity as you prepare monologues for audition purposes.
      • Term 3 consolidates these skills whilst you prepare for a showcase of your work.

Contact time is 8 hours a week.

Classes are practical involving group, pair or solo exercises.

ALRA tutors are both trained teachers and professional practitioners.


You will present selections of work at the end of term 2 and 3.


Upon successfully completing the course you will be awarded –

      • The ALRA Foundation Acting Certificate


Over the last three years ALRA Foundation students have gained places at:

      • ALRA
      • Arts Ed
      • Birmingham School of Acting
      • Central School of Speech and Drama
      • Drama Centre
      • Drama Studio
      • East 15
      • Italia Conti
      • Oxford School of Acting
      • American Academy of Dramatic Arts
      • PPA
      • Musical Theatre Academy
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