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ALRA bursaries are given to students who are facing financial difficulties during their studies at ALRA. Full information on who is eligible and how to apply is available to students once they have started a course with us.

The Robert Demeger Bursary (£1000)

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Robert Demeger was an actor and ALRA tutor 1951-2014, born in London and married, with one son and one daughter.

Robert played some challenging leading roles, including an acclaimed King Lear for director Deborah Warner early in his career, and went on to cover an impressive range of work across screen and stage in the West End as well as for both the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. He was always happy to describe himself, with characteristic self-deprecation, as "a jobbing actor". Rob was adored during his work at ALRA.

Applications for The Robert Demeger Bursary are open to all MA Acting students in their first year.


The Stefan Thegeby Bursary (£1000: £500 North, £500 South)


Stefan Thegeby was an ALRA Foundation student 2011-2012. He went on to The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama but sadly died in 2015 after battling 4 cancers.

Stefan was a remarkable young man. Diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone and/or in soft tissue, he was treated at Saint-Luc hospital in Brussels. Volunteers would come by with games and DVDs but these items were only available in French and Dutch. The library also only contained French and Dutch-language books. As there were many other non-Belgian children in the unit, Stefan decided to take on the task of collecting books, games and DVDs in other languages once he was done with his treatments.

Applications for the The Stefan Thegeby Bursary are open to Foundation students who have shown the most progress in their first term.