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Audition Format

9:15am Welcome You will be welcomed by a senior member of staff and introduced to student helpers. The day’s events are explained.




Warm-up Games


Modern speech

After a group warm-up which is designed to put you at your ease whilst warming up your voice and body, you will be put into a group of between 10-15 applicants to work with a senior member of staff and current ALRA students.


You will present your modern speech to with the rest of your group present.

11:00am Break

Shakespeare speech You will present your Shakespeare speech solo to a second member of staff.



Panel review applicants’ work.

Successful candidates will go to Stage 2.

You will have a break and can view the college with the student helpers.



You will be told whether you have progressed to Stage 2.



Movement assessment 

If you reach Stage 2 you will take part in a movement workshop and an improvisation workshop.



Panel review applicants’ work.

Successful candidates will go to Stage 3.




After a break, you will be told whether you have progressed to Stage 3.



Vocal Assessment & Interview

If you reach stage 3 you may have a vocal assessment (see below) and be interviewed by the audition panel. The interview lasts between 5–10 minutes.

3:45pm Funding and Admin Talk

Finish You will be notified of the outcome in writing within 7-10 days.

We aim to ensure that you will enjoy all aspects of the auditioning process and feel stretched by it. You will be auditioned in depth and will have every opportunity to show your skills. 

We advise you to arrive at 9:00am to register as the audition process begins at 9:15am.

Please note, there may be different start times for auditions that do not take place at ALRA South or ALRA North.

Vocal Assessment 

Candidates may be given a short passage (around 10 lines) to read to the panel. 

N.B. You are not required to have RP to join the course; this exercise is for ALRA to assess your clarity of speech (i.e. can you be understood by someone from a different region?) and vocal ability; advice may be given to the candidate. You will be given sufficient time to study the passage and be offered relevant help where required, e.g. in case of disability. If you require a large-print copy, or the text to be printed on coloured paper, please let us know if and when you reach Stage 3. 

ALRA operates an Equal Opportunities Policy: all candidates will be assessed on their potential to meet the demands of the course and considered entirely on the basis of merit. Those showing the most aptitude at audition will be considered for Dance and Drama Awards, taking into account their financial circumstances.  

The audition panel makes the final decision regarding entry to ALRA and we aim to notify you in writing within one week. Successful applicants will have demonstrated a significant degree of talent, ability, preparation, aptitude and commitment as well as the ability to make a positive contribution to, and benefit from, the Acting Course. 

N.B. Due to the volume of applicants, we are not always able to provide feedback on unsuccessful auditions

We auditioned more than 1200 applicants. Due to the large numbers of candidates applying, we regret that we are unable to provide individual feedback. The decision of the school is final.

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