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We need you to

Prepare 2 audition monologues (see below) – each lasting no longer than 2 minutes:

  • One from a contemporary play (after 1990)
  • One Shakespearean/Jacobean (but not non-human characters like ‘Puck’ from A Midsummer Night’s Dream or ‘Ariel’ from The Tempest, or any ‘Chorus’)


Please make sure you have read the whole play your monologue comes from. Be sure your monologue works as a stand-alone speech and does not require input from another character. Your speech must be taken from an existing play, and not a book of solo speeches. (Speeches found in monologue anthologies are acceptable provided you have read the whole play from which they are taken.)

We want you to:

  • Choose pieces that match your age & gender.
  • Work without props or special costume.
  • Avoid using chairs.
  • Learn your pieces.
  • Avoid using the panel for eye line.
  • Use your natural accent.
  • Wear suitable clothes which enable you to move freely and to allow tutors to assess posture and movement. Female applicants should avoid skirts. All applicants should avoid low cut/hipster trousers cropped and low cut tops. For both the warm up sessions we advise you to bring movement clothes (leotard and tights). The movement session requires you to be bare footed and to work without any jewellery.

We are looking for these qualities: 

  • Truth
  • Preparation
  • Ability to create and sustain a character within an imagined world
  • Evidence of thought and feeling behind the actions and words
  • Ability to take direction (to hear an instruction and adapt own performance accordingly)
  • Ability to communicate text
  • Ability to express thought and feeling through movement and voice
  • Self-confidence, focus and concentration
  • Spontaneity and immediacy
  • Openness and responsiveness to others Imagination and creativity
  • Evidence of stamina and co-ordination
  • An interest in the craft of acting and in the professional world of acting

We aim to ensure that you will enjoy all aspects of the auditioning process and feel stretched by it.

You will have every opportunity to show your skills.

ALRA follows the ‘Auditioning and interviewing for Dance & Drama Code of Practice’ as detailed on the CDET and EFA websites.

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