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Firm Offers

Firm Offers

If you are made a firm offer, your place will be guaranteed, provided that:

      • Degree students must meet the academic entry requirements. Applicants to the Three Year BA Acting course must have at least 200 UCAS tariff points in their Level 3 qualifications. This equates to, for example, a minimum of CDD at A Level, or MMP at BTEC Diploma. Other combinations of grades are acceptable, provided they equal a minimum of 200 UCAS tariff points. If you do not know your results when your offer is made, it will be a condition of acceptance that you provide ALRA with confirmation of your satisfactory results as soon as they are known.
      • You accept by the stated deadline. When you receive your offer you will be asked to confirm that you have received it; if we do not hear from you within two weeks, your firm offer will be withdrawn and your place will be offered to a waiting list candidate. You will be asked to provisionally accept your offer by returning a form to ALRA, and will subsequently be set a deadline for firm acceptance. If you wish to firmly accept the offer, you will need to submit a payment of £400 to secure your place. If we do not receive this payment by the stated deadline, your place will not be secure. Your offer will still be open to you however, and you can still accept your place at a later date, as long as there are places available. Please bear in mind though, that we will continue to make firm offers to other students in the meantime, and your place may not remain available if you delay your decision. Early application, and early acceptance are therefore advised.

Dance and Drama Awards

N.B. Please familiarise yourself with the fees and funding arrangements at ALRA in connection with this information.

The DaDA scheme is merit-based; awards are offered to the candidates who show the most potential at audition. The work you present at audition therefore, is used to determine not just your suitability for the course (Three Year Acting or Postgraduate Acting), but also your ability in relation to other applicants. Since we must compare all eligible candidates against each other to determine who are the most deserving, for that reason we cannot allocate awards until all auditions have taken place.

If you are made a firm offer after your audition, it will be for your place only. Decisions on funding will be made in May, when we have held our last audition. If, at that point, you are offered a DaDA, you will be given a two-week deadline to decide if you wish to accept it. If you do not accept within two weeks, your funding offer will be withdrawn and your DaDA will be offered to another student.

Please remember that we have a limited number of DaDAs to offer. Around 1 in every 3 students on the Three Year Acting course is DaDA-funded, while on the Postgraduate Acting course, 1 in every 5 is DaDA-funded, and although this is a very generous ratio of funded to unfunded places, you are still statistically more likely not to be offered a DaDA than to be offered one. Consequently, you need to be realistic about your financial situation, and be prepared for the eventuality that if we offer you a place but no funding, you may not be able to accept.

The value of Tuition Fee Loan available from the Student Loans Company, to eligible students on the Three Year Acting course is £6,000. This will still leave a balance to be paid from private means, but in conjunction with the Maintenance Loan, and Maintenance Grant, the private cost of tuition might be more affordable than you think. A breakdown of the different fees and funding arrangements can be found on our website, and in our prospectus.

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