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Waiting List Offers

Candidates who are made a waiting list offer will need to confirm that they are happy to be placed on the waiting list.

If you are made a waiting list offer, please remember that you are still very much under consideration for a place. We do not make offers (firm or waiting list) to candidates that we do not want to undertake the training; the only reason we make waiting list offers is because we cannot risk over-recruiting for the courses. If you are seen early in the entry cycle for example, you may receive a waiting list offer simply because we cannot reliably predict the quality and quantity of future applicants. Rest assured however, that many good students will not initially be made firm offers, but will subsequently be able to accept their places.

As with all schools, our firm offers list changes throughout the year as candidates make decisions on which schools they wish to attend; waiting list candidates therefore stand a very good chance of subsequently being made firm offers. For example, as the information above explains, if a candidate is made a firm offer and does not contact us within two weeks, we will immediately offer their place to someone on the waiting list.

Candidates’ acceptances are also often dependent on receiving Dance and Drama Award (DaDA) funding (see below), which is usually limited to between 20-35% of the year group (depending on which course). Places invariably become available once funding decisions are made, and unsuccessful DaDA-dependent students withdraw.

We will remain in close contact with you throughout the entry cycle and keep you updated as to your place on the waiting list.

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