Term Dates 2020/2021

Induction Week
28th Sep - 2nd Oct
Autumn Term
5th Oct - 18th Dec
Spring Term
11th Jan - 26th Mar
Summer Term
26th Apr - 16th Jul

These are the 1st year of the Three Year Acting Course dates. Other course dates may slightly vary so please check the course pages.

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Course Leader: Chris Hill
Course Location: Wigan (Greater Manchester)
Study Level: Postgraduate
Study Mode: Full Time
Course Length: 1 Year
Application: FREE
Awarding Body
St Mary’s University, London
(subject to validation)

We know there are some concerns about what studying at ALRA will be like from September. ALRA is committed to, and will provide, the conservatoire experience that each student deserves. We will continue to deliver our programmes at the highest level of quality and safety – always adhering to government guidelines. Students will receive full information before courses begin in September and we are looking forward to welcoming back our existing students and enrolling all of our new recruits.

This innovative teaching course for performing arts professionals is designed for experienced artists or tutors who want to develop their teaching skills in a conservatoire setting.

The course is a high-level, practical and vocational experience which offers a chance to work inside a drama school with student actors as well as offering placement opportunities in the industry. Focusing on the specifics of teaching in a conservatoire environment, this new course has been designed to meet the changing needs of the drama school sector and to create teaching practitioners who are equipped to challenge existing practice to engage in a critically reflective pedagogy and cultivate truly current modes of performer training.

With a broad range of skills development and an ethos of creativity, this course will also develop a network of skilled professionals who will nurture the next generations of performance talent.

  • The MA Teaching (Creative Performance Practice) is currently in the process of being validated by St Marys University, therefore full module descriptions are not yet available. The following is an indication of the teaching content but may be subject to change:

    Teaching in a Conservatoire (60 Credits)

    This core module will give the students experience of working at the academy developing a portfolio of work that evidences the merging of their theoretical work with their practice in action, through opportunities such as placements and observations.

    Educational Theory and Creative Practice (20 Credits)

    The module aims to examine the wider world of educational theory encouraging students to consider this in relation to their own theoretical practice and ALRA’s context. The dichotomy of educating and facilitating training will be examined and considered through existing academic discussions and the generation of a systemic practice within the module. 

    Applied Creative Performance Practice (20 Credits)

    The aim of this module will be to focus on the experience of applying educational theory to the artistic experience of learners who in some way face a barrier to accessing arts education. The learning will focus on experiencing performance practice through multiple entry points that demand the student uses creative, ethical modalities of communicating to learners.

    Body, Voice, Image (20 Credits)

    Students will engage with practical exercises that encourage a deep enquiry of the interlinking of imaginative processes that effect our physicality, vocal life and imagination. Responding to current research that relates to current rehearsal practice, as well following a mindful and reflective journey, the module will leave you with an ability to engage with and utilise a range of psycho-physical practices that will enliven creative performance practice.

    Ethical Approaches to Embodied Practice (20 Credits)

    In this module the student will explore how they might manage the ethical considerations of the texts and starting points that they engage with, within their own practice, and the responsibilities they have to their creative collaborators.

    Various approaches to this work are embedded within the module with both ongoing practice and singular intervention examined through practical work and seminars.

    Creative Performance Practice Research Project (40 Credits)

    The Personal Creative Practice Project draws on the student’s ability to use arts-based research to interrogate an area of their practice. Throughout the module students will engage in rehearsal or research-based processes that examine an area of interest, resulting in a performed, filmed or written response to this experience that in some way stabilizes their enquiry.

    Based in the vibrant campus of ALRA North in Wigan, greater Manchester, the new one-year Teaching (Creative Performance Practice) masters level degree is the perfect next step for drama teachers, practitioners and graduates who want to be fully prepared to work in a teaching context with students who are training for the profession today.

    This, alongside ALRA’s refreshed vocational curriculum, is an exciting opportunity to prepare tutors for a challenging and bespoke approach to their developing practice as pedagogs and/or andragogs, with a focus towards a fresh and current approach to actor training in the conservatoire sector.

  • Candidates will be expected to have a 2.2 at BA (Hons) in cognate subject or will have acquired experience through work or other means that enables staff responsible for admissions to be confident of the candidate's ability to succeed in the programme. This recognition of prior learning will be gathered in the form of references from recognised professionals in the field.

    If English is not your first language, you must be fluent in English (you may be asked for proof of this). Candidates will require a level 6.5 in the IELTS (International English Language Test System).

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    MA Teaching (Creative Performance Practice)





  • Applicants can sign up to an interview date of their choice and once this is complete they will be emailed with a time.

    Applicants are asked to send their CV along with 500 words about their experience and interest in teaching to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 24 hours in advance of their interview.

    At interview, applicants will demonstrate sufficient potential to develop their personal creative process within the field of teaching. The applicant will discuss their reasons for wanting to take the course and discuss their CV and experience which demonstrates aspects of the relevant work.