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MFA Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts)

The MFA Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts) is a groundbreaking new course for actors, theatre-makers, voice teachers and creatives who are interested in deeper study of Kristin Linklater’s voice work. This is the only postgraduate programme in the world which culminates in receiving Designated Linklater Teacher (DLT) status.

Course Leaders Mary Irwin (Course Leader) and Gemma Maddock (Assistant Course Leader)
Course Location Wandsworth (London)
Study Level Postgraduate
Study Mode Full time
Course Length 2 years
Awarding Body Arts University Bournemouth from 2023

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Linklater’s voice work is the foundation of the MFA. The programme was designed in close collaboration with Ms. Linklater, and reflects her ideas of what a twenty-first century postgraduate course for actor-teachers should look like. It is, in part, a voice-centred actor-training, rooted in Linklater’s approach to voice as fundamental to a whole system. Acknowledging the changing worlds of the industry and traditional actor training, this course is designed for those who wish to develop their skills further. The training will enable graduates to enter new creative roles with confidence, ethical preparation and authority.

Alongside voice, you will study three complementary disciplines: Trish Arnold’s ‘Pure Movement,’ Michael Chekhov’s psycho-physical Acting techniques, and Applied Theatre techniques of Augusto Boal, known as Theatre of the Oppressed. Boal’s work creates a bridge between voice and the social justice arena. These core elements offer solid grounding, providing gateways into potential working and collaborative pathways. Graduates might undertake teaching voice in the conservatoire sector, make theatre as actor-teacher-facilitators, or bring voice into Applied Theatre contexts; working with communities at the margins of power, assisting them in finding their own voices and telling their own stories.

The MFA is practice-based, and includes placements with Designated Linklater Teachers and Applied Theatre organisations. Forums and workshops in related topics ensure that graduates are prepared to enter the profession.

The course is delivered over two years through a series of modules that consist of classes, workshops, seminars and tutorials. Within the first year, you will be immersed in holistic actor training that rebalances the hierarchy of voice, movement and acting.

Near the end of year one, training will focus on Augusto Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ methodology. You will be guided in their first steps towards community engagement through Applied Theatre Arts. During year one, you will travel to Orkney for a two-week residency at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre. From June to December of year one, you will engage in self-directed, practical application of your learning. This will include mentoring with a Designated Linklater Teacher as well as a placement with an organisation specialising in Applied Theatre Arts.

Linklater Voice
A comprehensive training in the Linklater Voice Methodology focusing on an embodied experience of the progression as described in Freeing the Natural Voice.

Movement training for actors focusing on the work of Trish Arnold, including ensemble and other relevant physical theatre approaches.

Actor training will centre on Michael Chekhov Technique, with explorations in improvisation, ensemble and scene work.

Applied Theatre Arts
This module will focus on the work of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed in an initial intensive workshop. Over the course of the year the cohort will create individual applied theatre projects.

Creative Attachment
Placements occur between the taught portions of years 1 and 2, observing teaching by a senior DLT, meeting with them for regularly scheduled tutorials and interning with a practising organisation engaged in social/educational activism to further their practical understanding of Applied Theatre principles. Following these residencies, students will present two practise-based papers, explicating learning journeys noted, along with observations of how individuals were impacted by the activism they were a part of. This module is self-directed and can take place in the location of the student’s choice.

Linklater Voice Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts)
– Theatre History
– Theatre Arts Curriculum Development
– Psychology of Voice
– Neurodiversity and Voice
– The Business of Voice
– Entrepreneurship
– Leadership through Creativity
– Recorded Media and Vocal Technique
– Embodied Anatomy and Physiology
– Embodied Phonetics and Accent work
– Ethics within Applied Theatre

Contextualising Linklater Voice in Theatre Arts Practice
This taught module will end with a self-led period of creation developing ensemble and individual pieces of performance that evidence mastery of principles explored within the training. Students will work together to create performance work that is about, and impactful upon, the world around them. These projects will demonstrate understanding of the pedagogical practice and its artistic value.

BA (Hons) or BFA in Theatre or Acting or Performing Arts, in any setting. We actively encourage applicants who offer equivalent professional experience as an alternative to qualifications.

If English is not your first language you must be fluent in English (You may be asked for proof of this. We need a level 6.5 in the IELTS (International English Language Test System)

Selection is made by audition. Find out more here.

Funding information for the MFA Linklater Teaching Practice and all ALRA courses can be found in Fees and Funding.

Fees for 2021 entry
Registration Fee
MFA Linklater North
MFA Linklater South

Please note that the MFA Linklater Teaching Practice  is a two-year course and the fees details above are per year.

Year 1
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
20th Sept 2021

3rd Dec 2021
10th Jan 2022

18th March 2022
2nd May 2022

10th June 2022

Applications for the MFA Linklater Teaching Practice course for September 2022 entry are now open. If you cannot make the dates currently open on the application system, please get in touch with us at

Apply via the Apply page and submit all of your details.

Important: there is no application fee for the MFA Linklater Teaching Practice course.

Once we receive all of your details, we’ll be in touch with what you need to do next.

In the next stage of the application, you will need to provide the following:

  • A CV which includes information on your educational background
  • A letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your creative work. This may be a Linklater Voice Teacher, but does not need to be.
  • A video, leading yourself through a ten-minute portion of the Linklater voice warm-up. The video should be a full-body picture, shot in portrait. You must lead yourself through the warm-up – please do not warm yourself up to a recording of another teacher.  We are interested in learning more about your own familiarity and facility with the work.

You will then be contacted to participate in an online Zoom meeting which will include presenting some pieces, and an interview.

You will present the following:

  • A classical speech (2-3 minutes). This can be from Western or non-Western culture but must contain elements of rhythm and poetry
  • A contemporary speech (2-3 minutes). This should either be selected from a play or a real life political speech
  • A song (unaccompanied verse and chorus of any chosen song)

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