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ALRA Applications & Auditions 2018

At ALRA we recognise that auditioning for drama school can be time-consuming, costly and stressful.

ALRA is committed to being as inclusive as possible as we understand it's sometimes difficult to give up a day's work to attend an audition. That's why we have set up an evening option and more weekend dates this year than ever before. We hope that will make the process easier for everyone.

Our online application process has been streamlined into a process of just a few minutes. We think this will be appreciated by prospective students who may be auditioning for several schools or applying around studying and work commitments.

These are the latest initiatives ALRA are offering, in order to improve the application experience. You may also have noticed that our website is available in a dyslexic friendly font and that we've also signed up to a deal with Trainsplit.com, to get cheaper tickets for people who have to travel to our campuses for an audition.

ALRA can arrange Outreach Auditions at schools, colleges and community groups - any organisation where four or more people want to audition can apply to be an outreach centre. This saves on travel expense for the applicants and allows them to audition in a familiar place - hopefully this reduces the stress of the experience!

Our own campuses in Wandsworth and Wigan are accessible and there is a hearing loop fitted in our theatres.

Should you have any difficulty with the application process, do please get in touch by email or phone so we can help you. A full list of the audition dates can be found here and our contact information is on our website here.

We wish you all the very best in your applications for drama school and university!