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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 18

There are lots of ALRA Alumni and students at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. Details follow below. If you’re an ALRA graduate and you’re heading up to perform - let us know so we can support you and share out the details on our social media pages.


BEEP EdFringe

Six best friends. One devastating secret between the cracks. How do they keep it from surfacing in a world where men can't lie?

Venue 36: The Space on North Bridge, Fife Theatre
Dates: 20th - 25th of August
Time: 5:40pm
Duration: 40min
Starring: Rhiannon Cura, Milo Clarke, Alex Boorman, Charlie Barnett, Louis Ellis and Leah Balmforth
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Notflix is a totally improvised comedy musical based on an audience suggestion of a favourite movie, then using the location, key scenes and characters as a jumping off point to create a brand new narrative. All scenes, songs and vocals are improvised spontaneously by the cast and a live band with no preparation or planning. It's improv, so every show is different; but what remains the same is a joy-filled, high camp, musical celebration of everything you wish a movie could be. 

notflix poster
Venue 14: Debating Hall, Gilded Balloon Teviot
Dates: 1st - 26th (excluding 2nd) of August
Time: 6:00pm
Duration: 60min
Starring: Vicky Hitchin
Book your tickets: Notflix

The Way Out

The Way Out

Judy Gale finds herself in the reception of a vast office block. Falling deeper into this madly confusing world she loses all sense of direction and must ask for help - but it isn’t quite that easy. 

Venue 231: Greenside venues Royal Terrace, Jade Studio
Dates: 20th - 25th of August
Time: 6:00pm
Duration: 50min
Starring: Jack Stacey (writer and assistant producer), Jack Whitney (designer and actor), Victoria Priddice (actor), William Bull (actor), Conrad Williamson (director), Jane Christie (assistant producer), Joshua Sissons (tech and actor) Alexandra Spooner (producer and actor)
Book your tickets: The Way Out

Life on Venus

True Arrow present a series of short scenes which readjust the balance of male to female dialogue by putting the women front and centre with a cast of multi rolling woman and one single man. Come and celebrate everything girly, pink and ever so slightly catty.

Life on Venus
Venue 260: The Space at Jurys Inn, Main Theatre
Dates: 13th - 18th of August
Time: 3:10pm
Duration: 45min
Starring: Maddie O’Brien, Isabel Brodie, Ted Thomson, Hetty Elliott, Marcia Davis
Book your tickets: Life on Venus

James Dean Is Dead! (Long Live James Dean)

James Dean is Dead

Hollywood’s hottest star steps out of his crashed car and looks back on his short life. A timely look at how the film industry uses sex, drugs and power to make and break careers.

Venue 21: The Space at Jurys Inn, Main Theatre
Dates: 19th - 27th of August
Time: 4:00pm
Duration: 55min
Starring: Kit Edwards
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The tribute act circuit is in crisis and Donna and Sandra’s double act has lost its sparkle. Are they Strong Enough to make it through if they just Believe in one another? Or is this the end for Job-Cher?

Job Cher p
Venue 277: PQA Venues, Riddle’s Court, PQA Two
Dates: 3rd - 27th of August
Time: 8:00pm
Duration: 40min
Starring: Leonna McGilligan and Caroline Mathison
Book your tickets: Job-Cher

I Love You... But

I Love You But

What is your idea of love? There is a very blurred line between a loving relationship and one that's abusive. When there are no visible scars, just mental ones, how do you escape when you're trapped?

A story of a budding journalist and how her past relationship and events have had repercussions on her current life. How does she use this new-found platform and how does this help her get closure, if at all?

Venue 36: The Space on the North Bridge, Fife Theatre
Dates: 13th - 25th (excluding 19th) of August
Time: 2:35pm
Duration: 50min
Starring: Katie Levett, Lexi Powell, Rafei Barakat, Nia Powell, Will Hollingworth and directed by Elliott Cass
Book your tickets: I Love You... But

I Am Not Your Woman

Inspired by real stories and #metoo, this poignant, vital, and hopeful play challenges our attitudes towards sexual assault and gives a voice to those who often go unheard. A combination of naturalism and storytelling, set to a soundtrack of music, spoken word, and song, created by women from different backgrounds and recorded in their own voices. Join us, the time is now.

I Am Not Your Woman Poster
Venue 236: Greenside at Infirmary Street, Mint Studio
Dates: 21st - 25th of August
Time: 6:25pm
Duration: 60min
Starring: Gwyneth Evans
Book your tickets: I Am Not Your Woman

The Ladies Loo Chronicles


A blunt and funny, female-powered, theatrical experience set in a sticky club toilet. Megan’s 'Bloody Mary' of a foof is flowing free and she is imprisoned in the loo with a toilet attendant who charges £2.50 per tampon. Sick, sex and secrets ensue as Megan, Lydia and Winnie tackle 21st Century millennialism and misogyny. A comedy with a splattering of darkness; we’re bringing real women to the Fringe.

Location 1
Venue 36: The Space on North Bridge - Fife Theatre
Dates: 3rd - 18th (excluding 5th, 12th) of August
Time: 12:40pm
Duration: 40min
Book your tickets: The Ladies Loo Chronicles
Location 2
Venue 53: The Space at Surgeons Hall, Theatre 3
Dates: 13th - 18th of August
Time: 11:20pm
Duration: 40min
Book your tickets: The Ladies Loo Chronicles
Starring: Flora London, Savanna Griffiths, Evangeline Osbon (Director)

Roxy Likes Cats

When you hear that your father has died, time stops, or at least it did for Roxy. After a phone call from her mother, she begins her journey home. She can see the train, the pavement, the houses, they’re fresh for the first time, somehow they’re new again. When she reaches her front door, the protective state of denial consumes her and drives her away from the inevitable truth. Floating in limbo, Roxy recalls stories of her childhood, her teenage years and moments from only yesterday, until she is brave enough to put the key in the door and turn it.

Roxy Likes Cats
Venue 231: Greenside Royal Terrace, Jade Studio
Dates: 20th - 25th of August
Time: 5:20pm
Duration: 50min
Starring: Performed by Roisin Fahey, written by Jack Michael Stacey and directed by Jane Christie
Book your tickets: Roxy Likes Cats


sparks p

Fall in love in my early 20s, get married in my late 20s, have at least one child by the time I'm 30. F*ck!' Life is hard to navigate when you've got so many questions. Can I put this jumper in the washing machine? Do you have my birth certificate? Where did you find love? How did you do it? How do you survive? A story of a kamikaze love affair with unexpected consequences.

Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard, Beneath
Dates: 1st - 26th (excluding 8th, 13th, 20th) of August
Time: 11:30pm
Duration: 60min
Starring: Michelle Barnette (Producer)
Book your tickets: SPARKS

Bennett Arron: I've Never Told Anyone This

"Bennett Arron is revealing secrets. The problem is they are not all his to tell. In this personal, shocking and hilarious show, Bennett, the star of the Radio 4 sitcom Alone and the series Bennett Arron Worries About..., reveals intimate information about himself, his family, famous comedians and TV executives. See it now before it's censored. 'Genuinely original and funny' (Times). 'Hilarious... clever wit... razor sharp' (Standard). 'A Welsh Seinfeld' (Guardian)."

I have Never Told Anyone This
Venue 302: Underbelly, Bristo Square, Dexter
Dates: 1st - 27th (excluding 13th) of August
Time: 12:10pm
Duration: 60min
Starring: Bennett Arron
Book your tickets: I've Never Told Anyone This

Picasso's Women

picassos women

"Three women immortalised by one man Picasso. This show is a unique look at the great painter’s early life through the voices of his wives, mistresses and muses. The stories of French model Fernande, Russian ballerina Olga and 17-year-old mistress Marie-Thérèse give an insight into life with Picasso and the influence the women had on his art."

Venue 359: The Fruitmarket Gallery, Gallery
Dates: 13th - 26th (excluding 21st) of August
Time: 7:00pm
Duration: 90min
Starring: Kirsten Moore as Marie-Thérèse
Book your tickets: Picasso's Women