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Jimmy Akingbola on Arrow Season 4

Jimmy Akingbola, a graduate from ALRA and now one of our patrons, has had a hugely successful career from the moment he left drama school. We keenly follow all our students’ careers and are always extremely happy to announce any of our alumni achievements and were enormously proud to support Jimmy at the National TV Awards prior to him agreeing to become one of our patrons. 

Jimmy Akingbola’s career has covered television, theatre, film and radio and has now led him to a recurring role in one of the USA’s most important television series of the current season: ARROW. One of the highly successful productions by Greg Berlanti based on DC Comics superheroes, this critically acclaimed series is now in its 4th season. The recent crossover with the network’s other successful series The Flash broke all the series ratings records.

Jimmy will be the villain Baron Reiter

A superhero, of course, is only as good as his villains and foes. The more evil they are, the more we remember them and, in Arrow, we will be remembering them for a long time to come. There is Damien Darhk, pure evil and will stop at nothing to achieve his way. There will be the continuation of the mysteries concerning the connection with H.I.V.E. plus you haven’t seen the last of the League of assassins.

Double Down, a villain with tattoos of playing cards that he uses as weapons, will also be one to watch, as will Jimmy’s character, the despicable Baron Reiter (known in the comics as Baron Blitzkrieg)

Who is Baron Blitzkrieg?

Baron Blitzkrieg is well-known in the DC Comics but more as the villain associated with Shadowspire and clashes with the other superheroes: Superman and Wonder Woman. He is also portrayed in the comics as a Nazi supervillain but that has all been changed for his appearances on Arrow. He is still going to be a hardened, heartless, villainous character (renamed Baron Reiter) and will be joined by another ruthless, sadistic villain named Conklin.

Do not expect to see Jimmy’s character on the premier

Although the first episode has aired, the company are letting little leak about what is to come, in way of spoilers, etc. This we do know: Baron Reiter will be a recurring character throughout the entire 4th season. This same set up was used in a previous season for the character Deadstroke, before he became the main adversary for the following season – something we hope will happen with Jimmy’s character as well. Baron Reiter is rumoured to make his first appearance in the third episode on October 21st.

Showing a pride in our alumni

We know that Jimmy will be a huge and unforgettable presence in this prestigious show and are proud to be able to count him amongst our previous alumni and the fact he is also now a patron of ALRA. We will be following his every move during the series and will keep you updated on the ALRA website.

We hope to also have an exclusive interview with Jimmy regarding the shooting of this series and also perhaps we can entice him to give us a few little exclusives, who knows! However, this pride we have for Jimmy also extends to many other of our alumni and we are always delighted to report on their continued successes – watch out for details on our website.