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The Speech & The Door

ALRA guest tutor Darren Cheek will be performing in a double bill: Two thought-provoking plays by award winning playwright Tony Earnshaw will be showing at Arts Theatre this October.

The Speech

The Speech is guaranteed to get the audience away thinking. Could we listen to, or even believe, the ‘truth’ when we hear it? This on-topic, funny and challenging play explores how a PM wrestles with her conscience in surprising and sharp-witted dialogue with a trusted speech writer. What happens if she decided to tell the truth, when her advisers expect her to spin?

The Door

A play about two men, and a broken door that neither will close, won over audiences and critics in Edinburgh and New York in a new production. The captivating play follows the journey of two men from widely divergent backgrounds searching for a common understanding. As the door bangs, we hear accusation and excuse, and the story of a dead hero. One man is a leader, the other a follower but who will take action?

Featured Actor: ALRA Guest tutor Darren Cheek
Director: Rob Swinton
Where: The Arts Theatre, Little Newport Street, WC2
When: Limited London Run, 20th - 24th October
Book: www.artstheatrewestend.co.uk


  • ‘a blissful marriage between a fascinating script and captivating acting. A must see.’
  • "...a riveting, intelligent piece of work"
  • "Went down a storm in our Yorkshire tour - don't miss Jonny Vaughton's sharp performance in "The Door", with Darren Cheek who some will remember as a guest tutor at ALRA."