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Dying for it



ALRA South students have fundraised for a Romanian tour of Dying For It, from their spring 2018 season show. The 3rd Year students are heading to Romania in April with the support of the show’s production team and ALRA. Mike Savuica, tour producer, is assisted by classmate Holly Chidley. Together they have worked tirelessly to raise the funds to cover travel, accommodation and production costs.

Mike is a Romanian national, he is using this unique opportunity to launch his career as a theatre maker and producer. Collaborating with Lugera Romania, the production will be staged at the Odeon Theatre. The students are thrilled at this opportunity to perform in a highly prestigious and historic venue. Mike’s inspiration came from a show last year at ALRA South. He had never seen anything like it in Romania and realised the “incredible experience” it would be to take the show to his home country.



The journey to turn my dream into reality was filled with hard work and sacrifice, but during it I discovered my passion for producing, which is even greater than my passion for acting. The idea of mixing cultures and blending theatre knowledge at an international level is both exciting and fascinating to me.

My ultimate dream is to change the world at a global level through art and this is my very first step. I strongly believe that art, especially good quality beautiful art, brings a certain level of immortality to the artist. This project is my very first step towards achieving that immortality and the first brick in the foundation of my legacy. I am very thankful for all the support I have received and I want to thank ALRA for giving me this opportunity. I feel blessed that I get to share this experience with my incredibly talented classmates who have become my family away from home.

Cristina Savuica, Country Manager at Lugera Romania understands the difficult journey for all young actors. At Lugera Romania they believe in the person and “are happy that we can take a small step towards their flourishing careers.

Lugera is a big believer in people and dreams and we have always encouraged people to follow and fulfil those dreams. We are excited to be part of such a unique project and we encourage these young, aspiring actors to chase their wildest dreams and turn them into reality.


Dying for it - Tour

By Moira Buffini

Directed by: Aly Spiro and Mike Savuica
Producer: Mike Savuica
Assistant Producer: Holly Chidley
Scenography: Nik Corrall 
Sound: Aidan Good 
Lights: Georgiu Stan 

Spectacle in English with translation in Romanian 

About the play 

The play is a black comedy that takes place in Russia after the revolution (1928). It is an adaptation by Moira Buffini after Erdman's Sinucigas, which was forbidden for years by Stalin, being played again only in 1982.

When Semyon decides to commit suicide and the rumour comes to his village, various public figures realise they can benefit from his death. The higher the pressure and Semyon learns that he is already organising parties in honour of his death, so he becomes increasingly indecisive about his decision. 

Dates and Tickets 

Ticket price: 25 lei, reduced 15 lei

  • 4th April at 7.30pm
  • 5th April at 7.30pm