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Directed by Tatiana Krimpas
by Mike Bartlett

A riveting drama that makes guilty peeping-toms of us all.

About the play

The primary conjecture of the piece is that owning property might soon become so unaffordable, and our society so morally lax, that to secure a place to live a young couple might be given a house on the proviso that their every move is tracked by surveillance-camera, Big Brother-style.

Dates and Tickets Prices

Online advance booking price: £7.50
On the door: £10.00
Doors usually open 10/15 minutes before 


The Courtyard Theatre
Bowling Green Walk
40 Pitfield St
N1 6EU


  • Jodi Broome
    as Belle

  • Alex Enmarch
    as Liam and Simon

  • Neele Christina Pels
    as Florence

  • Deborah Kearne
    as Margaret

  • Thomas Lovell
    as John

  • Daniel Butt
    as Paul

  • Dylan Stafford
    as David

  • Brittany Atkins
    as Mandy

  • Annie Nelson
    as Carly

  • Liam Joseph
    as Ashley

  • Dominic Weber
    as Gary

  • Camilla Walters
    as Sarah and Emma

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