It costs £45 to audition at ALRA. Why is the ALRA audition fee value for money?

It costs £45 to audition at ALRA. Why is the ALRA audition fee value for money?

The ALRA audition process is designed to be cost effective, informative, useful and fair, there are no recalls, we use a full day to see applicants so that people only have to make one trip before the outcome of their audition is decided.

The full outline of the audition process can be found here, but what’s important to note is that part of the audition day is dedicated to group workshops on voice and movement with members of the ALRA teaching staff before the contemporary and classical speeches are performed.

This allows everyone the chance to be fully warmed up before their solo work and gives prospective students an introduction to the kind of work they will do on an ALRA course with the tutors who will teach them.

In addition to the auditions held at our own campuses, ALRA also offer an extensive outreach programme to schools and colleges and at regional venues. Through this initiative, students can audition in their current place of study and save the cost of travelling altogether although the audition fee still applies to most of these events.

This programme has seen us visit organisations across the UK and as far afield as Guernsey and Gibraltar. If you are a teacher with students who would struggle to attend our auditions, please do get in touch. We will consider international visits if there are enough students who want to audition.

By charging an audition fee of £45 (some other schools charge as much as £80) we can subsidise applicants who would otherwise struggle to pay it. ALRA visit specialist groups and offer free auditions. Examples of this are the London Bubble Theatre and an association with The John Godber Company and Archbishop Sentamu Academy Drama Department (a mixed Church of England secondary school and sixth form located in the Preston Road Estate of Kingston upon Hull).

ALRA are always seeking ways to connect with young, diverse talent who might otherwise not have access to conservatoire training and to forge partnerships with organisations anywhere in the UK and beyond.

If you’re struggling to find the audition fee speak to your drama teacher, your local council, your local theatre or arts organisation – let’s work together to improve opportunities for undiscovered and emerging talent.

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Here’s what some auditionees had to say:

  • Maybe [ALRA] wasn’t a school you were necessarily thinking about, but I definitely would consider looking into it. It’s one of the cheaper auditions as well. Even if you don’t get into the recall stages, what you got in the morning was so fun.

    We didn’t even actually go onto the second half until 1 o’clock, so we were there for hours doing a lot of nice stuff. So I would definitely recommend auditioning at the school and giving it a go!

    Catherine Fitzgerald,
    ALRA South Foundation Acting Diploma student (2018 entry)

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  • I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the inspiring workshop and audition session you did at Bubble. Our Young Theatre Makers have spoken really positively about it and are keen to visit the school and see an ALRA performance soon.
    Marie Vickers - Project Leader, London Bubble Theatre
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