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Bridgerton, Netflix's new much-anticipated period drama, was released on Christmas Day and ALRA alumna Molly McGlynn plays Rose, the Maid to Daphne Bridgerton. We got the ins and outs of her experiences whilst auditioning and filming, and what skills she harnessed to really get into her role.

What is it like being a part of a much-anticipated Netflix series?

Words cannot describe what an incredible experience it was! We had our first read-through in London, and I can honestly say I’ve never been so nervous. I wasn’t sure who was playing who in the series yet, I wasn’t sure if my sight reading skills would fail me, and I forgot my glasses so couldn’t see a thing. But I do remember, through squinted eyes, being mesmerised by the actors who walked through the door to read through the same script as me - and I thought then, this is going to be big!

I’ve never felt so ‘at home’ on and off set. I had the opportunity to be directed by some fabulous people, work with the most exquisite costume and make up team and met a couple of life long friends whilst I was there! It was a complete dream.

Can you tell us about the casting process and what you prepared in advance?

The casting process was delightful. It was cast by the brilliant Kelly Valentine Hendry alongside her casting associate Cole Edwards who was in the audition with me. I was told by my agent Vic ‘there’s a nice role in a Netflix show they want you to audition for - they want to meet you rather than taping it”. Bearing in mind I’m so used to taping, this was a real treat... a trip down to London!

I arrived in Shoreditch and sat in the waiting area, petrified (as usual), and then...I saw THE Ben Miller walk out of the audition room. I could not believe my eyes! Ben Miller was auditioned for the same show as me?! I taped it with Cole and he made me feel very at ease, I loved the read, and was ever so lucky to get the job from that audition.

What was the most important thing you learned from the experience?

Definitely what goes on behind the camera! With such a huge show, you spend quite a lot of time waiting around for the next shot or a costume change, but I found myself wandering around finding out what the crew was doing and how they did it. It was really eye opening. Also, to watch the monitors and the discussions between the crew, I felt I was able to gain a better understanding of what goes on behind the camera and what can I do to make my time on camera more effective/helpful.

What specific aspects of your ALRA training did you use during the rehearsal and filming processes?

Definitely my Acting for Camera work, especially the ‘Silent Partner’ exercise we did. My character is Maid to Daphne Bridgerton, therefore I am in quite a lot of scenes where I don’t speak, but I’m in shot just observing, so I found that particular exercise very helpful. Also my RP came in very handy which I spent an awful lot of time on in Year 2 - thankfully the dialect coach was pleased. 

Can you pass on any tips for someone going to work on a set for the first time?

Be clear of the scene you are in, what comes before that scene and what comes after. Do not be fazed by the sheer amount of people around, because they all have their own individual job to do, just like you. Always ask people’s names (cast AND crew), and remember them - that kind of thing goes a long way!