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Rick Astley visits ALRA South for an Enrichment Session

Each Monday at both the ALRA campuses, the whole school comes together for an hour and a half for an enrichment session. The content widely varies from talks given by agents and casting directors to workshops and play readings. Sometimes we are lucky enough to invite inspiring people to share their experiences.

Back in March the 1980’s pop legend, Rick Astley, visited ALRA South to share his insight into the performing arts industry and talk to students about how to stay robust in a challenging profession. Having soared to fame as a young man following his No.1, multi-million selling hit single of 1987 “Never Gonna Give You Up” he became one of the most successful UK recording artists and was the first male solo artist to see his first eight singles reach the UK Top Ten.

Rick had to deal with the demands of the music industry. This meant a gruelling schedule of touring and appearances. He had to find the energy and state of mind to be fully prepared for this sudden change of lifestyle and he spoke about achieving longevity in a tough business and ways of keeping yourself healthy in mind and body.

The students were thrilled to meet him and were grateful for the opportunity to ask Rick questions about the music business. We are really grateful that he was able to spare us the time and wish him success with his new album scheduled for release this year and his US tour which is underway. Details can be found here.

Our guests aren’t always performers. Although we have had talks and Q&A sessions with actors including Denise Gough and theatre professionals including John Godber. We have also had presentations from charity workers, health professionals and people who have had fascinating or challenging experiences that can inspire the students. The enrichment sessions are designed to stimulate discussion, encourage deeper thinking and empathy and to help students contextualise their work. The sessions are learning opportunities to prepare the students for the industry they are joining.

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