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Evangeline Osbon wins the 2017 Sir Alec Guinness Award

Every year one talented actor is presented with the Sir Alec Guinness Award hosted by the Catholic Association of Performing Arts (CaAPA). CaAPA, formerly known as The Catholic Stage Guild and founded in the early part of the twentieth century, is involved with Catholics and people of other faiths or none in all branches of the performing and allied arts. Find out more on their website.

At the event, there is a panel consisting of an agent, director, actor, The Stage, Spotlight, Actors Centre, and Equity.

Final year students are invited to demonstrate in written application why they consider themselves to be worthy of the award which comprises:

  • Membership of the Actors Centre for one year
  • Equity Membership for one year
  • Vouchers for classes at the Actors Centre for one year
  • An entry in Spotlight (sponsored by Spotlight)
  • Copies of The Stage Newspaper (sponsored by The Stage) for one year
  • Headshot by photographer Michael Wharley

We are pleased to announce that last week, third year ALRA South student Evangeline Osbon has won the prestigious award this year on 22nd March. ALRA has also had winners of this award for two consecutive years in the past, with Kirsty McDuff taking the award in 2010 and Raj Bajaj in 2011.

Congratulations to Evangeline, ALRA is delighted to have yet another of our students deemed worthy of this award. The award will take effect in August following the completion of her studies at ALRA.

In other news, Evangeline will be performing her original play Think at Theatre 503 on Monday, 24th July and then at The Annexe, Paradise Green, Edinburgh from 5th to 12th August as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The cast includes other ALRA South students; second years Maddie Coles, Stefan Race, Romario Simpson and third year Ebony Wong.

More news on this in the summer.