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The need to recognise and celebrate not only the contribution of women to this world but highlight the ongoing oppression and marginalisation of women in society goes beyond the month passed. Despite laws seemingly crafted to bring about equity we still see women significantly underpaid in comparison to male counterparts; we still see a restriction in learning resources and the right to education in some parts of the world due to gender bias; we continue to witness the objectification of women and the legacy of patriarchal dominance seeping into our consciousness via destructive mechanisms of socialisation.
However, all is never lost. We can continue to champion, collaborate and invest in women's inherent worth with advocacy and allyship, and constantly challenge anti-female ideologies when we encounter them. Voices will be heard. Constant action must continue to be taken by us all to effect change. It doesn't have to be on a global scale, but simply how you can champion women in your daily interactions.
This Women's History month, we celebrated by championing alumni work and taking artistic submissions from students and staff.

Alumni and student news

ALRA North BA (Hons) Acting students Rachel Cooper, Annalise Bradshaw, Ella Finnigan, Tirion Healy and Abigail Lythgoe made short film ‘Reality of the Ordinary’ for International Womens Day. 

Alumna Abigail Davies stars in short film 'Higher Ground' which was released on International Women's Day.



We received submissions of Women's History Month-related video pieces from students and uploaded them to our IGTV. Watch them here.


Sonia Watson-Fowler, aka The Hackney Poet and ALRA's EDI Cohesion Lead, wrote this moving piece for Women's History Month:

She reads too muchsees too much - all that opinion - such a fuss 
She feels too muchReels too muchThinks about  
Her ideals too, trustHears too much, talks too much - always has a retort and such 
She slays too muchPlays too muchWorks hard,Has troubled days too much 
Each month for a weekShe Bleeds too much 
Too loud too boastyand needs too muchSome say her baby feeds too much 
Too strongtoo fragileand soft to touch 
Some say she's brisk and lost all love should suffer fools -They've had less luck

 She's too complex but simple stillExerts too much of her free will. 
Oh yeah, and thenShe's not enough, sometimes she goes outLooking rough 
Sometimes She doesn't answer calls,Some days She wants to do eff-all 
Her hair's too short it was too long,She's past the point of wearing thongs

 She sports a pouch,Sagged, stretch marked breasts so clearly this means that's she's less. 
Less than gracefulLess than charmed,All she seems to do is harm 
She's less than stableDour/ fatigued,She's less than capable of need 
She's got no right tfeel so cool just cos the world has messed up rules

 She's got no right to march, protest - what good can come from her unrest. 
Despite toomuchless-thans and shoulds that bint - Watch her - still knows she could 
She's got some frontstill hopesAchieves 
Creates her own peaceful reprieve.

 She cries sometimes but not a lot, releases pain that time forgot 
She loves her lifeand does her best,Maintains her standardsRarely frets 
Because you see the ting it is She’s lived forever as a Miss, 
She knows the trapsMalformed Regression -SystematicBold Oppression,

Experienced the sexed-up touch of silly boys with nothing much

At leastNot for respect of her,Bespectacled Unique Reserved.

She cares about those that she seesCares the world is on its knees 
Cares about the soulsRejected

 Her at times She'd not perfected,Womanhood as they saw fit 
Doling out prolific trysts 
Cares about the human causeand how a warm heart dies, withdraws. 
Tolerated ego bossman didn’t earnyet had her trust

But it’s all good - despite the noise and failed attempts to self-destroy

Myths of beauty, lighter skin and bone straight hair down to my shins





a being - keen woman

I love this