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Principal’s Statement Update

An action plan has been drawn up with the express aim of removing all systemic racism from the training and student experience at ALRA.

The plan must be detailed and robust and include ways in which ALRA can be held accountable. It must reflect the advice and sentiment of vital stakeholders.

There is a justified demand for immediate change and in response, some aspects of the plan are already underway.

We can share that the following have already been actioned:

  • An anonymous reporting portal has been set up and shared with students
  • Recruitment is underway with an aim to increase the diversity of teaching staff
  • Wellbeing resources have been extended to support students of colour
  • ALRA’s complaints procedure has been made more supportive for students of colour

The full plan, including further actions and lines of accountability, is currently subject to approval by all of our stakeholders whose support will ensure our success in delivering our promise.

Adrian Hall, Principal of ALRA