Bad Roads ALRA Production

Bad Roads

Bad Roads by Natal’ya Vorozhbit, translated by Sasha Dugdale

This amateur production is staged under licence from Nick Hern Books.

Director: Megan Griffith

Please note that the Audience Guidance that follows may be subject to change. If we need to make any changes you will be notified by email.


Our theatre is working at capacity, which means people are seated in a non-distanced way. If you feel uncomfortable with this please let us know and I can refund your ticket for you via

We are operating a policy of Covid safety whereby we provide hand sanitizer at the door and make the following requests:

  • Audience members are required to wear a mask whilst watching the performance, unless exempt
  • Audience members are required to show a negative registered COVID test (no older than 24 hours) or their COVID passport/Vaccine card

(*We cannot accept a photo of a lateral flow test or the test itself – please register it online so that you have the confirmation email to show at the door of the theatre when you sign in.)


Ailsa Bennett ALRA
Ailsa Bennet (she/her)
Holly Burns ALRA
Holly Burns (she/her)
Jenny Bushell ALRA
Jenny Bushell (she/her)
Zoe Camplin ALRA
Zoe-Alexandra Camplin (she/her)
Leah Eddleston ALRA 3YN22
Leah Eddleston (she/her)
Che Eviene ALRA
Che Eviénè (she/her)
Toby George Waters ALRA
Toby George-Waters (he/him)
Ellie May Gunn ALRA
Ellie Mae Gunn (she/her)
Oliver Knowles ALRA
Oliver Knowles (he/him)
Jude Leath ALRA
Jude Leath (they/she)
Dot Newton ALRA
Dot Newton (she/they)
Imogen Ogden ALRA
Imogen Ogden (she/her)
Kasey Thompson ALRA
Kasey Thompson (she/her)
Liam Wheeler ALRA
Liam Wheeler (he/him)
Emily Whitehead ALRA
Emily Whitehead (she/her)

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Wednesday 9th March


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Friday 11th March


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Saturday 12th March


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