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Chair of Disability Working Group

Adam is a disabled/neurodiverse writer, performer, and former BA Acting student at ALRA North. Since graduating he has been creating work that challenges conceptions around difference and explores the power of uniqueness. He has been involved with Graeae Theatre Company, Oldham Coliseum, Box of Tricks Theatre, Take Back Theatre, DANC, The Royal Court, and the BBC, taking part in various projects and development programmes. Adam is passionate about championing accessibility in actor training both at ALRA and the industry as a whole. "The Disability Working Group is a support structure for students and graduates who identify as disabled, neurodiverse, having a mental health condition or any access needs. It is set up as a safe space where actors with differences can have their voices heard and have open and frank discussions pertaining to their experience of navigating actor training and the arts industry. It also stands as a channel for current students to talk about barriers they are facing during training, these ideas and issues being brought to ALRA, and work to be done on creating solutions that benefit everyone. The DWG aims to work with ALRA to create a model of actor training that is fully accessible. This includes accessible facilities, disabled representation and visibility in staff, changes to policy, and the restructuring of ALRA using the social model of disability."