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There is a non-refundable £45 audition fee for all applicants to ALRA's Three Year Acting, Postgraduate Acting, or Foundation Acting courses. Eligible candidates can be assessed for all courses at the same audition. Please indicate which course(s) you wish to be considered for during your application.

All candidates will be assessed on their potential to meet the demands of the course and considered entirely on the basis of merit. Those showing the most aptitude at audition will be considered for Dance and Drama Awards, taking into account their financial circumstances.

The audition panel makes the final decision regarding entry to ALRA. We aim to notify you of the outcome of your audition within one week. Successful applicants will have demonstrated a significant degree of talent, ability, preparation, aptitude and commitment as well as the ability to make a positive contribution to, and benefit from, the Acting Course.  ALRA is unable to audition any applicant more than once in any given year.

ALRA Admissions

Admissions Policy

ALRA accepts students, regardless of all other considerations, who demonstrate excellence at audition, a desire to study and show the potential to complete the appropriate course of study at interview. ALRA will form an opinion on these matters at audition & interview and record the outcomes for scrutiny and feedback. The audition policy is supported by the Equal Opportunities Policy and nothing in either policy can be deemed to override the considerations of the other.

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Offer Procedure

Following your audition, you will either receive a firm offer of a place, be placed on a waiting list, or be rejected. Click here to learn more.

ALRA Audition Appeals Procedure 

Audition Appeals Procedure

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