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Our courses in London and Wigan are identical; it is just their location and cost that vary.

ALRA provides the highest quality acting training for students. Based in both London and Wigan, Lancashire, our drama courses cover TV & film acting as well as acting for the stage and radio from week 1 to the end of training.

You will also study movement, voice, acting technique, text, stage combat, TV presenting, radio and other drama elements required to work as a professional actor. Find out more information on each of our acting courses below or on our Acting Courses page.


At ALRA, we apply the same professional standard to all our courses to ensure they are fit for purpose and more importantly to ensure that when you have completed your course you have the skills and ability to move to the next level or to enter the profession. Find out more about each of our courses below:

  • BA Hons Acting: ALRA alumnae (acting BA) performing on stage in a production for the Three Year Professional Acting Degree

    BA (Hons) Acting

    The BA (Hons) Acting is a programme of study that is suitable for those determined to become professional actors… Read More
  • Foundation Acting Course (Full-Time) | ALRA

    Foundation Acting

    Our Foundation Diploma in Acting course gives students a real insight into conservatoire actor training and preparation for working in the industry… Read More
  • MA Acting, postgraduate acting course, full-time, 15 Month

    MA Professional Acting

    ALRA’s Acting MA (15 months) is a full time Actor training programme that focuses on the skills and techniques needed for professional acting today… Read More
  • Student practising during ALRA MA in Directing, Masters in theatre directing class

    MA Directing

    The aim of this course is to create graduates who will change the demographic of live theatre directors. Students will develop an understanding of a wide variety of practices that can be used to shape performance. Read More
  • MA Teaching (Creative Performance Practice)

    MA Teaching (Creative Performance Practice)

    This innovative teaching course for performing arts professionals is designed for experienced artists or tutors who want to develop their teaching skills in a conservatoire setting. Read More
  • MFA Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts)

    MFA Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts)

    ALRA is collaborating with Kristin Linklater to create a unique Master of Fine Arts degree, subject to validation by St Marys University, Twickenham. Read More
  • Trinity College, London and ALRA

    Trinity College, London and ALRA

    ALRA has a long-standing relationship with Trinity College, London which enables students to benefit form the Dance and Drama Awards scheme. This scheme helps students pay for their course fees and some can receive support for living expenses. Read More
  • BA (hons) Acting, Creative Performance Practice

    Leicester College

    A performance degree and professional preparation in two years. Delivered at Leicester College with Curriculum and Training approaches designed using ALRA's Conservatoire ethos. Read More
  • Nottingham College 1 Year Acting Foundation – in Association with ALRA

    Nottingham College

    This Foundation Course at Nottingham College is designed to refine skills in preparation for drama school or university. This course is endorsed by ALRA with elements of the Foundation course. Read More
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Short Courses & Workshops

At various times throughout the year ALRA offers drama courses on a range of subjects such as voice, movement, Shakespeare and acting classes in different genres. Go to our Short Courses page for the latest offering.

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Next Open Days Available
  • ALRA North Open Day | November

    ALRA North Open Day | November

    Saturday 23th November
    Doors Open at 09:30AM
    Starts at 10:00AM

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ALRA understands that choosing to go to drama school is a big decision. We have put together some useful information to help you through the application process and beyond.

Here is some useful information for applicants:

  • FAQs

  • Next Interview / Audition Dates

  • Audition Guidelines

    Auditions Guidelines

    For information on Free Auditions please see this page.

    • Your Audition
    • Audition Format

    For Acting Courses

    There are new guidelines for 2020 entry, set out below:

    Each applicant is asked to prepare three audition pieces.

    • a contemporary monologue (from a play written post 2000)
    • a piece of poetry OR spoken word OR a second contemporary monologue (this piece should be contrasting from your first and can but does not have to be self-written)
    • a classical monologue (this can be Shakespearean/Jacobean/Elizabethan or an equivalent text that may be from cultures other than western classical text but contain elements of rhythm and poetry

    Please make sure you have read the whole plays your monologues come from and that it works as a stand-alone speech, not requiring input from another character.

    Ensure that you:

    • Prepare and learn your pieces thoroughly
    • Choose pieces that are close to you in age
    • Do not use props or costume
    • Use only your natural accent
    • Wear clothing that's easy to move in (i.e. no tight jeans/skirts etc.)

    ALRA is assessing you on the following qualities and abilities throughout the day: 

    • Truth, focus and concentration
    • Potential to express thought and feeling through text, movement and voice
    • Openness and responsiveness to others, imagination and creativity
    • Ability to take direction

    For further help and advice, please see our FAQ Audition Advice Videos

    Other Courses

    MA Directing

    Applicants for the MA Directing course must sign up to an assessment day for the course here.

    On the application they must provide 500 words (in the personal statement section) on their interest and experience in Directing/Theatre.

    On the assessment day applicants will complete the following:

    • A workshop
    • A directing task
    • An interview

    In the workshop, the applicant will be assessed on ensemble, performance and skill.

    The directing task (with ALRA acting students or graduates) is designed to explore communication as well as investigate the applicant’s artistic concept. This task will be presented then artistic rationale of the task will be discussed with the Course Leader and other senior members of faculty.

    Finally, at interview, applicants will demonstrate sufficient potential to develop their personal creative process within the field of directing. The applicant will discuss their reasons for wanting to take the course and discuss their experience which demonstrates aspects of the relevant work.

    MA Teaching (Creative Performance Practice)

    Applicants can sign up to an interview date of their choice and once this is complete they will be emailed with a time. This can be done here.

    Applicants are asked to send their CV along with 500 words about their experience and interest in teaching to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 24 hours in advance of their interview.

    At interview, applicants will demonstrate sufficient potential to develop their personal creative process within the field of teaching. The applicant will discuss their reasons for wanting to take the course and discuss their CV and experience which demonstrates aspects of the relevant work. 

    MFA Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts)

    On the assessment day applicants will present the following:

    • A Classical Speech (this can be Shakespearean/Jacobean/Elizabethan or an equivalent text that may be from cultures other than western classical text but contain elements of rhythm and poetry)
    • A Contemporary Speech
    • A Song (unaccompanied verse and chorus of any chosen song)

    Applicants will then take part in a workshop where they will be assessed on ensemble, performance and skill.

    Finally, applicants will be invited to interview.

    ALRA offers various provisions for access to our full-time courses for applicants:

    • Auditions, Interviews & Workshops at ALRA North & South Campus
    • Workshops & Auditions at Private Outreach  Venues
    • Auditions, Interviews & Workshops at Regional UK Venues
    • Preliminary Online Assessments for International Students
    • Auditions, Interviews & Workshops at International Venues
    • Collaborative Partnerships

    ALRA follows the ‘Auditioning and interviewing for Dance & Drama Code of Practice’ as detailed on the CDMT and EFA websites.

    Audition Days (All Acting Courses)

    Selection is made by audition that takes place over one day. Applicants will be considered based on performance of text, vocal and physical suitability and individual interview.

    The day will consist of two stages.

    Stage 1 all applicants will perform their two contrasting contemporary audition pieces (see Your Audition tab above).

    At this point the panel will consider all applicants and decide who will progress to the next stage.

    Stage 2 applicants will participate in a workshop, perform their classical monologue and finally be invited to interview.

    There are opportunities to talk to staff and students throughout the audition process.

    Audition Day Format

    This is a rough format of how a typical audition day runs.*

    Stage 1

    • 9.00 – 9.30: Arrival and Registration
    • 9.30 – 10.15: Warm Up
    • 10.15 – 11.15: Audition Piece One
    • 11.30 – 12.30: Audition Piece Two

    Stage Two (for applicants who progress onto this stage)

    • 1.00 – 2.00: Workshop
    • 2.00 – 3.30: Audition Piece Three
    • 3.30: Interview

    *Please note that the times given may vary, dependant on numbers. 

    Audition Results

    ALRA operates an Equal Opportunities Policy: all candidates will be assessed on their potential to meet the demands of the course and considered entirely on the basis of merit. Those showing the most aptitude at audition will be considered for Dance and Drama Awards.  

    The audition panel for all full-time courses are run by Course Leaders, Lead Tutors and Senior Staff members, final selection is completed by the Principal and Registrar.

    Successful applicants will have demonstrated a significant degree of talent, ability, preparation, aptitude and commitment as well as the ability to make a positive contribution to, and benefit from training with ALRA. 

    Audition results are usually processed and sent out via email as well as available on the Audition Management System within ten working days of the date of audition. ALRA always aspires to inform applicants of the audition result within this timeframe but during busier times results can take longer and we ask for patience and understanding in these circumstances.


    Feedback from Auditionees

    • Thank you for the opportunity, and for providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience... even if I don't get a place I have loved the experience.
      Natasha Davidson
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    Read More
  • Fees & Funding

  • International Applications

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ALRA's Notable Alumni
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Reasons to study at ALRA
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    ALRA is a leading conservatoire drama school with a reputation for training hard working, fully-rounded professional actors.
  • ALRA’s acting training includes specialist instruction in stage, film, TV, audio, comedy, voice and movement and is supported with contextual studies to prepare for work.
  • ALRA is a leading conservatoire drama school with a reputation for training hard working, fully-rounded professional actors.
  • ALRA has built strong relationships within the industry and our showcases and productions are directed and attended by agents, directors, casting directors, writers, producers and our own inspiring Alumni.
  • ALRA’s resident teams are dedicated, talented professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a passion for teaching. Our students are supported in all aspects of their studies.
  • ALRA’s reputation of securing opportunities for students grows each year and our Alumni are working in the West End, Regional and Touring Theatre Productions, as well as in Film, TV and Comedy both in the UK and beyond.
  • ALRA recruits a comparatively small number of students each year so that everybody has our full attention and feels part of the school from the moment they arrive.
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