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Classes start at 10am daily. Classes will vary daily and will be primarily in improvisation, movement, voice and character analysis. There will also be specific text work that will cover script analysis, character research and various rehearsal techniques and improvisations that will allow you to experience the demands of a professional rehearsal. Classes are run by ALRA staff and industry professionals. On the Friday of each week the whole day will be run by a professional director. The Shakespeare trip to the Globe is also usually on the Friday.

Classes are limited to 16 participants.

Acting Shakespeare

Week 1 - 27th to 31st July 2015

'How can I bring the text alive, make it vivid, make people hear it for the first time? How can I feel less clumsy and inept? How can I speak it without sounding artificial or 'actory'? In other words 'how can I make it real...?

      • You will learn how to analyse the text and unravel the clues that Shakespeare gave us.
      • Learn how to use the voice to support the text
      • Discover exercises and activities to help you feel confident in breaking down Shakespeare and bring it to life.
      • Building a character –Stanislavski vs. Shakespeare.

New writing

Week 2 - 3rd to 7th August 2015

'How is the world around us reflected in contemporary writing for the theatre? How can I bring my own experience to the work as well as imagine the lives of others?'

      • By looking at the shape and structure of language you will analyse and break down the text and reveal clues of the writers intention.
      • Learn how to use the body effectively to support the communication of the text.
      • Discover exercises and rehearsal techniques that will support the text of this contemporary piece of writing.
      • Building a character –Using the Stanislavski method
      • Receive direction and feedback in relation to performance of text.

Cultural programme

The Shakespeare trip will be to Shakespeare's Globe

In the second week, we usually make a trip to the National Theatre.

Plays to be confirmed nearer the time.

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Reasons to study at ALRA
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    ALRA is a leading conservatoire drama school with a reputation for training hard working, fully-rounded professional actors.
  • ALRA’s acting training includes includes specialist instruction in stage, film, TV, audio, comedy, voice and movement and is supported with contextual studies to prepare for work.
  • ALRA is a leading conservatoire drama school with a reputation for training hard working, fully-rounded professional actors.
  • ALRA has built strong relationships within the industry and our showcases and productions are directed and attended by agents, directors, casting directors, writers, producers and our own inspiring Alumni.
  • ALRA’s resident teams are dedicated, talented professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a passion for teaching. Our students are supported in all aspects of their studies.
  • ALRA’s reputation of securing opportunities for students grows each year and our Alumni are working in the West End, Regional and Touring Theatre Productions, as well as in Film, TV and Comedy both in the UK and beyond.
  • ALRA recruits a comparatively small number of students each year so that everybody has our full attention and feels part of the school from the moment they arrive.
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