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YOGA for actors

19th September 2015 11am – 2pm Cost £30

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A three hour workshop exploring the practical benefits of yoga for actors. Harnessing the strength, flexibility and control that comes from the physical practise of yoga will make your body more versatile and able to adapt to any role. The meditative side of yoga will help create mental and emotional fitness. 

The workshop will included

      • An introduction to yoga
      • How and when to practice.
      • Guided sequences you can take away and incorporate into your daily routine.
      • A Q and A

Roxy has a number of best selling yoga DVD's, she teaches monthly yoga workshops and weekend retreads at the UK's most renounced spa's. Roxy came to Yoga as a teenager and over time she has become a keen advocate of both the physical and holistic sides of Yoga. Roxy's natural ability and passion for Yoga shine through in her DVD's and her classes. Yoga has lead to positive transformation in all areas of Roxy's life and her desire to share the benefits of a yoga practice is what fuels her drive to teach.