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Chair of Global Majority Working Group

Unique trained at Arts Ed and works professionally as an actress. She works closely with companies such as Generation Arts and Clean Break. "As a Black female actress who trained at drama school I understand that the journey that you go on as a person of the Global Majority may be different. I want to be able to create a safe space for students to talk and discuss ideas that don’t get talked about in class. As the chair of the Global Majority Working Group I get to give back to the students and create that space for them. I work professionally in the industry and have an understanding of what needs to be changed in ways that are effective. The Global Majority Working Group was created by our students of the Global Majority to champion their individual and collective voice within ALRA. We have been assisting ALRA with an Action plan Against racism and charter of values with a view to helping to create a more inclusive environment for current and future students. We aim to provide a safe space for students to come and talk about some of the complex problems that may arise regarding race and/or religion/culture/heritage."